MII Award Winners

One of the highlights of this year’s conference was the recognition of two of our cherished
colleagues with the Lifetime Achievement in Mediation and Generosity of Spirit awards.
With the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Kieran McCarthy having regaled us with a just a hint of his wealth
of knowledge and boundless enthusiasm for Cork City the anticipation was growing. Neither
recipient was aware of their upcoming recognition such was that well-respected principle beloved of
mediators: confidentiality.
In her description of the background and ethos behind the awards our President Ber had members
and guests bristling with anticipation. Looks and whispers were being exchanged but impartiality
was still afoot.
With the final revelation of the two individuals to be recognised and honoured there was unanimous
praise, regard and celebration – only surpassed by the humility and emotion of the two recipients.
It was to the delight of all present to see Catherine O’Connell awarded the Generosity of Spirit
Award and Geoffrey Corry receive the Lifetime Achievement in Mediation Award. Their acceptance
speeches, their acknowledgements and their generosity in recognising all those with whom they had
shared their journeys served as a reassuring reminder to us all what it means to be dedicated to the
resolution of conflict and disputes and to stand with others as they seek peace.


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