The (Controversial!) Interactive Mediation Regulation Quiz

The (Controversial!) Interactive Mediation Regulation Quiz

Presenter: Paul Pierse

This interactive quiz is fun way for attendees to engage with the subject of Regulation of Mediation. All that attendees will require in order to participate is a smart device (laptop/smartphone/ipad), and you can keep your identity secret or public when answering. The workshop begins with a series of questions relating to the regulation of Mediation in Ireland.  Attendees gain points for the speed and accuracies of their answers. The questions are (intentionally) not without controversy, and this should provide fodder for a Q&A session on the themes around the regulation of our wonderfully illusive process. Participants ought to leave the session with a better understanding of regulatory issues including the impact of the Mediation Act 2017. Knowledge of the legal parameters within which you will be working is an important part of any mediators toolkit for continued practice. Technology is going to necessarily play a role in future service delivery. This session will leave participants with an appreciation of the potential for technology to enhance aspects of service delivery, and provide a practical demonstration of how easy it is to use interactive quizzing technology to educate other to deeper levels of understanding of the mediation process.  

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