Workplace Conflict –The Role of Mediation

Workplace Conflict –The Role of Mediation


Network Ireland Wicklow – April 2019

Network Ireland Wicklow Branch in conjunction with the Workplace Sector of the Mediators’ Institute hosted a Mediation Workplace Seminar at their monthly event for members in April 2019.  The purpose of this seminar was to discuss the benefit of using qualified workplace mediators to resolve workplace disputes through the use of mediation.

Dr Genevieve Murray and Ms. Louisa Meehan spoke about the mediation process and the members engaged in a follow-up  question and answer’s session.  Genevieve addressed the subject of workplace mediation and provided an opportunity for attending members and event visitors to share personal stories and experiences.  

Genevie and Louisa Meehan approached the topic with insight, expertise and made sure was relevant for all attending.  Everyone walked away more informed, pleasantly surprised and open to considering mediation in the future and knowing who they could approach. 

A good evening was enjoyed by all with very good feedback.


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