About MII

The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (the MII) was established to promote the use of quality mediation as a process of dispute resolution in all areas by ensuring the highest standards of education, training and professional practice of mediation and by increasing public awareness of mediation

The MII has different categories of membership and affiliation which include accredited Mediators, trainee Mediators, and individuals and organisations which have an interest in mediation.

Only Members and Advanced Members who hold a current MII practising certificate are approved by the MII to mediate and are bound by the MII Code of Ethics to only mediate where they have the appropriate training, knowledge and competence to effectively mediate.

A list of MII accredited Mediators is available  using the MII 'Find a Mediator' search facility on www.themii.ie 

For information on the 6 different categories of MII Membership, please click on the titles below:

Advanced Member An experienced Mediator who has successfully completed an MII advanced assessment.
Member Any person who has satisfactorily completed a 60-hour MII approved or equivalent training programme and successfully undertaken an MII approved assessment of their mediation skills.
Associate  Affiliate Any person who has satisfactorily completed a 60-hour MII approved or equivalent training programme.
General  Affiliate Any person with an interest in Mediation.
Trainee Affiliate Any person who is on an MII approved training programme is entitled to free membership under the Trainee Member scheme.
Organisation Affiliate Entitled to regular information on mediation, to membership rates at events and to an in-house presentation.