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Who we are

The MII is founded on our belief in the process of Mediation. The MII is the professional not-for-profit association for Mediators in Ireland. We protect both the public interest and the interests of professional mediators

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead the continued development and promotion of Mediation services in Ireland. We are committed to raising standards through the continual development of best practice for the best professional Mediators on the island of Ireland

President’s Letter
Welcome to the website of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland. As the professional association for mediators in Ireland, we are committed to promoting mediation as the process of choice for resolving conflicts in Ireland.

A Framework of Excellence

Our ‘Framework for Excellence’ assures that the the MII shall continue to promote excellence in the practice of Mediation and develop Ireland into a global leader in the field.

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The Green Pledge

The Mediators’ Green Pledge is a personal commitment to minimise the impact on the environment of every mediation that we are involved in.

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Code of Ethics and Practice

The Code of Ethics and Practice provides guidance and support for Mediators and clarity for Parties, Clients and Attendees about the Mediation Process and what they should expect of their mediation.

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The MII is a not-for-profit, registered charity, committed to the highest standards of governance and abiding by the MII Constitution and the Charities Governance Code.

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