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Types of Membership

We are the leading professional, not-for-profit association for Mediators in Ireland. The MII has different categories of membership which follow the cycle of education and qualification of mediators.


To become an MII Member you will need to have successfully completed an MII approved training course or equivalent course and undertaken and passed an MII approved assessment of your mediation skills in line with the MII Member core competencies.

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Advanced Membership

Advanced Members of the MII are experienced mediators who have successfully completed an MII advanced assessment. To become an advanced member contact for more information

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Trainee Affiliate

A participant on, or a person who successfully completes, an MII approved training programme is eligible to become a Trainee Affiliate. The Trainee Affiliate status is available for the year of start date of training and the following year to support trainee Mediators in accessing training and networking opportunities through the MII.

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General Affiliate

Any person who has an interest in mediation or wishes to receive communications, updates and briefings on developments in mediation and access to membership resources may register as a General Affiliate.
General Affiliates are not certified to practice.

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Community Mediation Service Provider

MII accredited mediators who work solely on a volunteer basis with a registered MII Community Mediation may register for this category of membership.

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Organisation Affiliate

The Organisation Member category is for organisations that are interested in mediation.

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