A Framework for Excellence

"Working in this organisation, with this ethic, this goal of promoting excellence, of providing leadership in a new field has been an incredible challenge.  Aspiring to the highest standards is important, but actually creating them, making it real, that takes a lot of courage and most of all, hard work.  More learning and hard work than we'd ever imagined. But it's been worth it."

The MII was formed specifically to pursue excellence in the practice of Mediation in Ireland.  Since our foundation in 1992 we have aspired to set the highest standards for the profession.

The MII now sets the standard for Mediation in Ireland.  These standards form the character of our organisation of which we are incredibly proud.

Our Council is made up of bright, energetic, enthusiastic, rigorous and highly motivated individuals. All practice and believe in mediation, and all put all of their energy into the work of the organisation.


 We're a not-for-profit organisation, so why are we so passionate about promoting mediation?

  1. Conflict can ruin lives, create unhappiness and cost money -  a long, arduous, damaging dispute can be a terrible life experience.
  2. Mediation has the potential to be a complete game changer in resolving disputes - it saves money and promotes harmony.
  3. The potential benefits of mediation are unquantifiable - its not just about resolving a dispute, but resolving it well, resolving it in a way that adds to people's lives, promoting happiness.
  4. Outcomes in disputes can be incredibly variable - we've found the standard of the process, the standard of the Mediator has a significant impact on the outcome.
  5. If we pursue excellence in what we do then our members can create better outcomes for clients and make the world a better place.

Resolving conflict and all it brings with it into amicable, effective resolutions is a process of positive transformation of bad into good - it doesn't happen by accident, it happens through rigour, inspiration and hard work. A key factor in this is promoting excellence in mediation.



"There is a perception that Mediation is a "soft option", that it involves a 'bit of a chat', or a therapeutic intervention.  This is not the case. Mediation is a dynamic tool of resolution and progress.   Effective resolutions don't just happen, they are the end of a long and demanding process which starts with our development of best practice and ends with our Mediator's deploying the skills and knowledge we have gathered over decades."

We have built the MII, the professional body for Mediator's in Ireland, on the following foundations:

A sense of mission    (see our 'Mission Statement')

We believe:-

  • That Mediation should be the method of choice in resolving disputes
  • That Mediation is a powerful tool for positive transformation,
  • That Mediation works where other forms of dispute resolution fail,
  •  That a mediated resolution is a better resolution,
  •  That Mediation improves peoples lives. 


The MII has been instrumental in developing and promoting mediation in Ireland and beyond.  We have done this through establishing a network of partnerships with Mediators and Associations worldwide.  We have taken on board the lessons learned in the development of Mediation in Australia, Canada, the UK and throughout Europe. We foster a culture of mutual assistance and continual improvement.  We engage in a dynamic process of learning and exchange with our partner organisations on an ongoing basis.

The MII recognises the value of members who are new to areas of practice being mentored by more experienced mediators.  Mentored practice supports and strengthens best practice through facilitating learning through mediation practice.  It provides participants in mediation and the mediation profession with confidence that those building their experience are supported in their practice development.


Dynamic development

The MII has developed at an incredible rate since 1992 - we have established an organisational structure suitable for the regulation of Mediators, a system of accreditation and development of training courses, a Code of Ethics, Practice Standards, Quality Assurance and a significant and expanding membership - we now produce and maintain the best Mediators in the country and lead the profession.  We attribute this successful development down to our clarity of mission and purpose.  


The MII doesn't regulate from a distance, we are involved in every aspect of Mediation in Ireland. Members of the MII Executive and Council are leading Mediators.  We contribute to national and international research and publication on a regular basis.  Our leading members take vital roles in the development and provision of the best training courses in Ireland. We are a professional body founded by Mediators, for Mediators.


With standard setting comes the responsibility of oversight.  Through the development of comprehensive Quality Assurance Policies we ensure that our work and the work of our partner organisations is of the highest standard.  We present the most detailed and rigorous approach to professional training in Ireland - we work with training institutions to develop their practice and through monitoring and assessment we ensure they deliver the best training possible. We have comprehensive and functioning Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures to protect users of mediation.

Our People

Since our inception we have attracted and recruited the best people available.  Our Council and staff are characterised by their passion, enthusiasm and decency.  We see the character of the MII, the institution, as reflective of its membership - in the field of Mediation you won't find a more committed or knowledgeable group of people; what sets us apart is our belief in Mediation and our commitment to establishing Ireland as a leader in the field.

Our Framework

Our 'Framework for Excellence' and Mission has a direct influence on the quality of services our members deliver to clients.  Thus we can deliver the following assurances;

The MII shall continue to promote excellence in the practice of Mediation and develop Ireland into a global leader in the field. 

The MII will accredit only the best training institutions and work with them to continually develop the quality of accredited courses.

The MII will provide CPD and ongoing learning which directly enhances the practice of Mediation.

The MII will produce and maintain a membership comprising the best and most committed Mediators in Ireland.

MII members will strive for and aspire to excellence in the pratice of Mediation at all times, in all cases.  They shall conduct themselves in accordance with the highest professional standards and the MII Code of Ethics and Practice.  In particular MII Mediators shall ensure their adherence to the following provisions

1.  Competence - MII members will continually develop their practice of Mediation and enhance their skills through regular CPD.

2.  Impartiality  -  MII members will ensure that they remain entirely and demonstrably impartial at all times during a mediation.

3.  Confidentiality  - MII members will ensure that confidentiality is strictly maintained in relation to information received by them during a mediation.

4.  Diligence  - MII members shall ensure their commitment to delivering quick, cost-effective and amicable resolutions wherever possible to do so.


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Certified Training Courses

The MII accredits mediation training courses which meet set training standards. The following training programmes have been recognised as MII approved training programmes.

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CPD Training

The purpose of CPD is to ensure that Mediators keep their knowledge and skills up to date for the benefit of users of their service and for their own personal and professional development.

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