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    Advanced Diploma in Mediation

    Course Information

    Course Structure: The course will be at least 60 hours in duration and will consist of the following parts:

    Online (20 hours): knowledge (self-directed learning, manual, online lecture/topics summary, online quizzes, which must be completed before moving on to the next topic); and In-person (40 hours): on-site at King’s Inns, one day per week over six consecutive weeks. Covering skills/practice, i.e. roleplays followed by feedback from trainers/peers/self with an emphasis on the importance of reflective practice for improvement and with a requirement that students participate in other skills exercises and discussions.

    1. Knowledge – manual and/or online delivery 20 hours of a combination of: study of course manual, online knowledge summary/lecture and an online quiz. This is a minimum requirement and further study of the manual and additional reading materials is recommended.Five core subject areas will be covered:
      Conflict: theories, principles and mapping;
      Mediation: overview, essentials, approaches and contexts;
      Mediation process: phases and joint private meetings;
      Negotiation as a mediator; and
      Regulation and ethics.
    2. Skills/Practice – onsite delivery
      40 hours of in-person training, of which in excess of 30 hours will be roleplay and mediation skills practice sessions. This is a minimum requirement and course participants are encouraged to form their own independent skills practice groups in the form of online or in-person study groups to roleplay mediation scenarios in addition to classroom hours.The in-person training element of this course will include an introduction focusing on an explanation of experiential learning; an icebreaker, which will enable participants to activate group dynamics; and a course overview, explaining the course components. The main focus of the in-person training will be on roleplays and skills practice, during which there will be an emphasis on learning by doing and on acquiring key practical skills.
      Students will be informed about assessment methods, including external MII assessment and the elements for accreditation.
    The Programme

    Course Aim: The aim of the course is to enable participants to acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to conduct a mediation in compliance with best practice standards. The course will cover theories of conflict, fundamental concepts in mediation, the mediation process as well as communication, negotiation and associated skills. It will examine regulatory, legal and ethical obligations in mediation. Online mediation will also be discussed.

    Course Objectives: The course objectives are to enable participants to:

    • Describe and apply conflict theory to the practice of mediation; Know the foundation concepts of mediation and contrast same with other ADR mechanisms;
    • Distinguish between different styles of and contexts for mediation and knowing when a dispute is suitable for mediation;
    • Know and deploy the process phases of mediation in practice;
    • Learn and exercise appropriate communication skills in mediation;
    • Explain and apply the Mediation Act, 2017 and other relevant sources of law; and
    • Recognise and respond to ethical issues in mediation.
    Methodology and evaluation

    Students will be tested by means of an online quiz after completion of each section of the knowledge component part of the course. Practical mediation skills will be assessed by means of external assessment by the MII to obtain Certified Mediator status. This will take the form of a filmed mediation, following which a reflective piece will be submitted by the candidate.

    In addition to the MII roleplay assessment, participants will be required to submit a reflective essay on a topic in mediation skills or on the Mediation Act.

    Admission Requirements

    All applicants will be asked to demonstrate suitability for the course by writing a short personal statement about their suitability and motivation for taking the course. Applications will take place via King’s Inns dedicated applications portal. Prior experience of mediation will not be required.


    Senior Trainer (name): Teresa Blake SC (Course Co-Designer)

    Training experience: Teresa Blake SC was a lecturer at University College Cork in Human Rights Law and Public International Law, and has designed and taught on bespoke courses on a wide range of topics for various institutions and pubic bodies. Teresa completed the QQI Level 6 Train the Trainer course with the Open College in 2021.

    Qualifications/bio: Senior Counsel (2014); Diploma in Mediation (Law Society) 2019; Mediator [MFI] 2009; B.SS(CQSW)(1977), Dublin University; LL.B, University College Cork (1986); LL.M, University of Nottingham (UK)(1988); Barrister-at-Law, King’s Inns (1994).

    Teresa Blake is a Senior Counsel. She has been practising at the Bar of Ireland since 1995 in the area of public law including family, child protection, welfare, asylum and immigration, education, disability, and housing law and related areas. She is a qualified mediator accredited by the MII. She provides private mediation services and acts as a volunteer mediator with community mediation networks. She has completed the separating couples mediation course.

    Cathrina Keville BL (Course Co-Designer): Junior Counsel (1993); LL.B, Trinity College Dublin, LL.M (Eur Law) University of Exeter; Barrister-at Law, King’s Inns; MII Accredited mediator; Diploma in Mediation, Law Society (2019); QQI Level 6 Train the Trainer Course, Open College in 2021. Cathrina has lectured and tutored widely in various aspects of law in DIT, UCD and Trinity. She has chaired mental health tribunals for 13 years, is an adjudicator/mediator with the RTB, and a board member of and mediator with Dublin Community Mediation. She is an elected member of the Bar Council and chairs its ADR Committee. Cathrina is a committee member of Arbitration Ireland and a Board Member and director of the Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre. She is a qualified family and separating couples’ mediator. Along with Teresa Blake SC, Cathrina assisted with the design of the King’s Inns course.

    Other Trainers: Our faculty of experienced Senior and Junior Counsel mediators are from a broad range of practice and mediation specialities including employment, industrial relations, commercial, personal injuries and medical negligence.

    All faculty members are experienced legal and mediation practitioners who have lectured and trained widely within their specialist areas.

    Qualifications/bio: Oonah McCrann SC: BCL, Dip.Eur.Law, CEDR Accredited Mediator; Junior Counsel (1983); Senior Counsel (2003).

    Hugh Mohan SC: BCL, Accredited Mediator (CEDR), Accredited Mediator (Harvard), Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) Ireland, Junior Counsel (1985), Senior Counsel (2000).

    Sara Phelan SC: B.Sc. (Pharm), TCD (1988), Prof Dip Prof Reg, UCD (2019), Prof Dip Arbitration, UCD (2020), Accredited Mediator (CEDR), Arbitrator (FCIArb), Certificate in Advanced Negotiation (CEDR), Harvard PON Global, Junior Counsel (1996), Senior Counsel (2013).

    Mark Connaughton SC: CEDR Accredited Mediator, Accredited Advocacy Trainer (IATC), Junior Counsel (1989), Senior Counsel (2002).

    Peter Ward SC: BCL, LL.M, CEDR Accredited Mediator, Junior Counsel (1985), Senior Counsel (2009).

    Sara Moorhead SC: A.M., CEDR Accredited Mediator, Junior Counsel (1989), Senior Counsel (2004).

    Cathy Smith SC: BA (Law & European Studies), CEDR, Junior Counsel (1997), Senior Counsel (2021)

    Michael O’Connor SC: BA, LL.B, LL.M (Public Law), Accredited Mediator, Junior Counsel (1996), Senior Counsel (2022)

    Keelin O’Reilly BA; MEd; Chartered MCIPD; Cert in Mediation, !PA (2008); Accredited MII Mediator (2008), Advanced Mediator (2012).

    A pre-recorded expert lecture was also provided by Marguerite Bolger SC, prior to her appointment as a High Court Judge: The Hon Ms Justice Marguerite Bolger – LL.B, M.Litt., CEDR, Harvard PON, Accredited Mediator, Accredited Advocacy Trainer (IATC), Junior Counsel (1993), Senior Counsel (2009).

     Organisation: The Honorable Society of King’s Inns
    Duration: 60 hours minimum
    MII Approved: Yes (2021)

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    Address: The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, Henrietta Street, Dublin 1, D01 KF59
    Hours in training: 40 Hours required outside training: 20 (some of which will be very directed learning, including watching online lectures, taking quizzes etc.)
    Course delivery: In-person, on-site at King’s Inns, one day per week over six consecutive weeks
    Max number on course: 24
    Price: €4950
    Contact Details: or
    Phone: +353 1 874 4840
    Principal Trainers: Teresa Blake SC
    Upcoming Programme Dates: 26th May 2023