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    Elder Mediation Training for EMIN Certification

    Elder Mediation Training for EMIN Certification

    Later Life Mediation ( will offer a six-day training course in Elder Mediation in Dublin, Ireland in 2023/2024. The course is open to accredited mediators who have experience in mediation.

    Location Avila Centre, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 (

    Dates Day 1 November 27 2023

    Day 2 November 28

    Day 3 November 29

    Day 4 April 22 2024

    Day 5, April 23

    Day 6 April 24

    Trainers Helen Harnett, Brian O’Neill, Frances Stephenson

    Content 42 hours of training which is recognised by EMIN for certification purposes

    The course will focus on the knowledge base required to practise as an elder mediator including:

    Intergenerational dynamics and power balancing
    Ethical issues
    Elder Abuse
    Grief and Loss
    Dementia and other chronic diseases
    Capacity and other relevant Legal Issues

    Skills development activities will be a core element of each day and will relate to the course content of the day. Each training day will be focused, varied and interactive.

    MII Requirements to practise Elder Mediation

    From January 2024 the MII requires that its members hold EMIN certification in order to practise in the field of elder mediation.

    This course is recognised by the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) for certification purposes. It will provide 42 hours of the required 70 hours training. Previous candidates for certification have fulfilled the extra hours through supplementary online or face to face training and by providing evidence of training done in other contexts.

    In addition to the 70 training hours, candidates for certification are required to mediate three elder mediation role plays and to write up the learning from these.

    When the training hours and the role plays have been completed and accepted by the Registrar, candidates then submit a video recording of a role play for assessment. If this video meets the necessary standard, the candidate gains EMIN certification.

    Mediation Experience

    To benefit from this course, mediators need to have mediated a number of cases and mastered the basic skills of the mediation process. As it is a specialisation for accredited mediators, there will be no opportunity during the course to learn and develop basic mediation skills.

    Cost 200 euro/175 sterling per day

    Deposit To book a place a non-refundable deposit of 100 euro/90 sterling should be paid by October 27th, 2023

    Accommodation It is possible to stay on site for a very reasonable rate. Contact Avila directly at

    Further information and Booking Form Please email

    Contact us to make a booking enquiry at