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    Microcredential Programme in Professional Mediation at Maynooth University

    Course Structure

    The course is run over seven full days ( 6 x Saturday and one x Friday) along with four evening Zoom classes from 6pm to 8.30pm. After the programme, a further day is allocated for a competency assessment and successful candidates may apply to register with the MII as a Certified Mediator eligible to practice.

    Course dates

    Saturdays 21st September, 5th, 12th October, 2nd, 16th, 30th November and Friday 13th December. Online classes are on Tuesday evenings 1st, 5th, 12th, 26th November and 3rd December from 6pm to 8pm. Competency Assessment: Saturday 14th December.

    About the Programme

    This course is highly interactive whilst also allowing participants understand the theory of conflict and mediation. Participants will be asked to engage with each other and work together outside of class. It is ideal for anyone who needs to work with people and manage them. It is suitable for leaders, managers, HR consultants and employees along with those wishing to specialise in conflict intervention and communication.

    Course Aim: To equip participants with the knowledge, skills, attitude and awareness required to intervene positively and/or mediate with people experiencing conflict and difficulties in a variety of situations. Information is also available at

    The objectives (learning outcomes) of the programme are:

    • To develop participants understanding of the theory of conflict and ADR how conflict happens, escalates and impacts people and organisations.
    • To develop awareness of conflict styles and facilitate skill development so that participants can expand their repertoire of conflict behaviours to suit the contexts they find themselves in.
    • To attain a good understanding of core mediation and ADR concepts, theories, models, processes, and principles.
    • To develop participants’ mediation skills to the level of competency as laid down in MII certified assessment requirements.
    • To raise participants’ awareness of how their own triggers and biases can impact the mediation process and to facilitate ways of managing them.
    • To learn how to create an environment of trust, rapport and empowerment when facilitating people in conflict.
    • To provide participants with essential information which guides mediator’s behaviour e.g. The Mediation Act (2017) and the MII Codes of Ethics and Standards.
    • To provide participants with opportunities to work with power and develop their own reflective practitioner.
    Booking and Cost

    To confirm a place before paying please contact Catherine at: or phone 0879936237.

    Application for phase 1 is through Maynooth University PAC CODE: MMC17 – Cost €1950.00.

    Phase 2 allows attend further 10 hours of additional professional mediation training and complete a competency assessment. A fee of €350.00 is payable to Blossom Development

    Trainer Biography available at:

    Organisation: Blossom Development/MU
    Duration: 7 days in person and 4 evenings online
    MII Approved: Yes

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    Course Information:

    Cost: €2300 per person including assessment fee and materials*. Maynooth University and Blossom Development are offering an in-depth programme in professional mediation training which combines theory, knowledge and intensive skills training. It is run over 7 full days at Maynooth University and 4 evenings online from 6.00pm to 8.30pm.

    Dates and Times:

    Saturdays 1st and 15th of October, 5th and 19th of November, 3rd and 10th of December along with Friday 16th December. Online classes are on Tuesday evenings 4th and 25th October, 15th and 29th November from 6pm to 8.30pm. Competency Assessment: Saturday 17th December.