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MII TED Talks Club 16th April

20 March 2024

MII TED Talk Club: Interesting Videos for Mediators 4th meeting

Back by popular demand, Gerry O’Sullivan will be in the chair for our next MII TED Talk Club meeting, alongside regular panellists, Bob Cree-Hay and Anna Doyle.

The March discussion was a conversation about how to have better conversations and was itself a brilliant three-way conversation. Lots of great tips about how the issues raised in the TED Talk video from Celeste Headlee on 10 ways to have a better conversation was applicable (or not) to mediators and mediation. The recording is chock-full of insights like that that could enhance your mediation skills…

* Have you ever asked the parties to simply take a moment to absorb what they have just heard, to sit in communal silence for a bit?
* Have you ever noticed that not only should you never ask the parties ‘why?’ in a mediation but, by not doing so, you’ll get to the answer of ‘why?’ anyway?
* Have you ever thought of ‘the weeds’ as the place where the treasure is buried, rather than a place where the parties (and the mediator) get trapped?
* Have you ever tried to use the phrase, “How much of the rest of your life would you like to spend in this conflict?” to move one or both of the parties on from stasis?


“Thoroughly enjoyed Tuesday’s Ted talk, with insightful contributions from Gerry O’Sullivan, thought-provoking insights from Anna Doyle and Bob Cree-Hay. The tips on silence’s significance in the mediation room was enlightening, and exploring the use of the question, why. Loved the metaphor of looking in the grass, which underscored the importance of curiosity. All resonated deeply with the necessity of mediator impartiality and validation for all parties. Well done to all involved!”

Joanne (Carolan) Barry, Integrated Accredited Psychotherapist,(MBACP) & MII Certified Mediator

So, you’ll want to join the panel next time when they will be discussing…


After more than two decades as an anchor for ABC News, an on-air panic attack sent Dan Harris’s life in a new direction: he became a dedicated meditator and, to some, even a guru. But then an anonymous survey of his family, friends and colleagues turned up some brutal feedback — he was still kind of a jerk. In a wise, funny talk, he shares his years-long quest to improve his relationships with everyone (starting with himself) and explains the science behind loving-kindness meditation, and how it can boost your resiliency, quiet your inner critic and simply make you more pleasant to be around.

How might that TED Talk help mediators and others interested in conflict resolution? Find out live over lunch on 16th April at 1.00 pm.

All are welcome, not only MII members. Register here:

MII TED Talk Club: Interesting Videos for Mediators – 4th meeting | Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (