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6 June 2024

Join us for an insightful Webinar “Setting Up A Community Mediation Project” where we can explore the essential steps and best practices to start up a successful mediation initiative in your community.

Date; Wednesday 26th June 2024

Time; 6.30pm to 8pm ON ZOOM

Whether you’re a community leader, a mediator or simply interested in conflict resolution, this webinar will explore the history, progression and barriers to setting up a project with those experienced in the area of community mediation. We will also be joined by those who are taking the initial steps to set up a project in their community.

We will throughout 2024 feature some of the successful community mediation projects currently operating in Ireland, learn from their experience and understand how mediation has been instrumental in fostering peaceful and harmonious relationships in communities across the country.

If you are interested in setting up a community mediation project or if you feel you can assist those who are on that journey, please log on and we can explore the process and barriers together.  This initial Webinar “Setting Up A Community Mediation Project” will hopefully encourage and inform in this area.

  • We will hear from Mr Geoffrey Corry around the history of community mediation in Ireland, explore where it started and look at his vision for the future.
  • Mr John Mulligan, just like Geoffrey, has championed and supported community mediation for years in Ireland and abroad.  He will explore some of the challenges facing community mediation and suggest how we can overcome any obstacles surrounding community mediation.
  • We will also be joined by those starting on this journey so the support and encouragement is greatly appreciated.

Date; Wednesday 26th June 2024

Time; 6.30pm to 8pm


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