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Elder Mediation Training

Specialist Training Programme for MII members wishing to work in this area.

MII recognises the importance of this unique growing area of mediation practice, and in responding to the demand for qualified Elder Mediators, providing a professional service, has established a specialist training programme for MII mediators wishing to work in this area.
EMIN is the world leader in this area and MII is delighted to have entered into a formal partnership with EMIN to enhance the progression of Elder Mediation services in Ireland. To be eligible to undertake specialist Elder Mediation training, a learner must have successfully completed MII approved Certified Mediation Training or equivalence.

From 1st January 2024, all MII members who wish to practise Elder Mediation will be required to attain and maintain an EMIN certification as a basic requirement to practise in this area. A number of MII members have undertaken Elder Mediation Training, and I would urge them to complete their certification as soon as possible.
For those MII members who have an interest in working in this area, I would encourage you to contact “Later Life Mediation” who are accredited by MII and EMIN to provide this training. The MII Family Sector intends to run a Family Zoom in the autumn to give further insight into this particular type of mediation and to answer questions from MII members interested in this area.
Siún Kearney
Family Sector Lead
 JUST ANNOUNCED – Training Programme 2023/24Later Life Mediation has just announced that our next Elder Mediation training program will take place in Autumn 2023 (Days 1-3) and Spring 2024 (Days 4-6), provided there is sufficient number of applicants.  Please indicate your interest by sending an email to .