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Member status assessment is a skills-based assessment. The criteria for the successful outcome of the Member assessment is the demonstration of appropriate application of mediation skills in accordance with the MII Member Assessment Guidelines.

Candidates should only be assessed by MII Approved Assessors who have not been involved in the delivery of their training

Guidelines on Assessing Certified Mediator Competencies 

Competency comprises the specification of the knowledge and skill, and the application of that knowledge and skill to the standard of performance required.

The concept of competency includes all aspects of performance. It requires competent Mediators to demonstrate an agreed standard in:

  • Performance at an acceptable level of skill 
  • Organising tasks
  • Responding and reacting appropriately when things go wrong 
  • Fulfilling a role
  • Transfer of skills and knowledge to new situations.

According to the Mediation Act 2017, mediation is defined as:

“…a confidential, facilitative and voluntary process in which parties to a dispute, with the assistance of a mediator, attempt to reach a mutually acceptable agreement to

resolve the dispute”

According to the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) Code of Ethics and Practice, mediation is defined as:

“A process in which an impartial and independent third party facilitates communication and negotiation and promotes voluntary decision-making by the parties to a dispute to assist them to reach a mutually acceptable solution” 

  • These competencies do not propose different categories for Mediators.However, different sectors may adopt additional specialist requirements which they regard as necessary to effectively carry out mediation in their particular field.
  • The MII have defined and outlined a core set of competencies required of Mediators in a wide range of settings and contexts.While Mediators may come to the profession with different skill-sets and/or training, the core requirements to effectively conduct mediation are the same. 
  • Competence is assessed through direct observation by an MII Approved Assessor of a simulated role play whereby the candidate mediates a dispute between 2 disputing parties for a total of 60 minutes. The disputing parties may be role played by the candidate’s class colleagues or other persons, where appropriate, and has been agreed in advance between the candidate and the MII Assessor /MII Approved Course Trainer. 
  • Candidates should only be assessed by MII Approved Assessors who have not been involved in the delivery of their training. 
  • While Candidates may make use of one-to-one meetings (caucus sessions) with parties where appropriate in the process, they should also demonstrate mediation skills working with both parties in the room together. Candidates will be asked to mediate a dispute between two parties in the presence of the Assessor.  This Assessment will be recorded on video and the candidate will be given a copy so they can complete their Role Play Self-Assessment reflection.
  • The candidates receive copies of the role plays in advance. These should not be role plays the candidate has already performed (either as a disputant or mediator) in the course of the MII Approved Training programme. Candidates should not mediate the same role play scenario in which they have already participated in as either a disputant or a mediator. 
  • Candidates will be assessed as per the agreed Mediators’ Institute of Ireland Certified Level Assessment Guidelines

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Certified Level Assessment Guidelines


Apply to sit the MII Certified Member Assessment (other than candidates who have completed an approved mediation training course